“Since Erin and David are now back in LA from Iceland, I was going through some “stacks” from the wedding that I needed to mail to them.  One thing I found was the second draft of the wedding ceremony.  I sat in my office and shed tears at how beautiful, meaningful and truthful your words were.  I have to say that, being so concerned that it was going to rain during the ceremony, I probably didn’t take it all in at the time.  However, I do remember the silkiness of your voice and the calm with which you carried on with the threat of the weather. Thank you so much for the story you wove.   It is truly something they will cherish.” ~ Mother of the Bride, Erin & David, August 2013

“We wanted to let you know that the ceremony was spectacular and everyone raved about it all night.  We  really couldn’t be more thrilled!” ~ Lisa & Chris, August 2013

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you again for everything you did to make our wedding celebration so special. We both sincerely appreciate all of the extra thought and consideration you put into making it simply perfect for us-it will be a weekend we will remember forever.” ~ Jacque & Sean, May 2013

“Thank you so very much. It was exactly what I had hoped you would do; pull all the stories together and make Nic’s memorial cohesive and lyrical. It was a beautiful tribute – my forever heartfelt gratitude.” — Nick Kyle Memorial, March 2012

“We wanted to thank you for the very personal touch you gave while officiating at Ellie and Jim’s wedding… We appreciated all the little personal stories you incorporated into the ceremony – it was nice for their friends and family who where there to get to hear ‘their story.” — Parents of the Bride, Ellie & Jim, September 2011

“The ceremony Marti wrote and performed will always stand out as the most memorable aspect of our wedding. The discussions we had before the ceremony were a welcome break from the chaos of planning a wedding. During our meetings, Marti asked just the right questions. She helped us feel comfortable to open up about how we met, how we fell in love, and the stories leading up to our engagement. The result was a heartfelt tale, woven from our story, but expressed in Marti’s unique eloquence. With the wit of a journalist, the craft of a novelist, and the heart of someone who truly cares, our story was immortalized for us, for our guests, and forever.” — Ellie & Jim, September 2011


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