Wedding Ceremonies

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable experiences of your life: Your ceremony should reflect the magnitude of the occasion!

Wellspring Ceremonies is dedicated to providing couples with fully personalized ceremonies that celebrate each unique partnership, and each extraordinary marriage. As a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant, Martinique is fully committed to providing wedding ceremonies that speak to her clients’ special wishes for their Big Day.

Martinique spent seven months training with the Celebrant Foundation & Institute, discovering the rich tapestry of wedding traditions that exist across the world’s faiths and cultures.  Endowed with this knowledge, Martinique can craft a wedding ceremony that blends your unique cultural and spiritual backgrounds as well as your own personal love story.

Solemnizing your marriage – the legalese

While she is an ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church Monastery, Martinique believes she is merely the medium through which a couple can express their endearing commitment to one another. Part ceremony expert, part storyteller, and part emissary of a your desires for this important rite of passage, Martinique’s role in your wedding is to bring to life your perfect ceremony.

Because she believes a couple’s commitment to one another is paramount, Martinique prefers that couples wedded through Wellspring Ceremonies solemnize their own marriages. This method of solemnization is legal pursuant to Colorado State Statute 14-2-109.

Wellspring Ceremonies will file all necessary marriage license paperwork following the ceremony, and Martinique is happy to answer any questions you may have about obtaining a marriage license in Colorado.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Ceremonies

  1. Hello,
    My name is Jamie Scott. I’m getting married in telluride 7/9/2022. My fiancé and I are from Albuquerque NM and We still need to get an officiant for our wedding. We’re getting married at San Sofia overlook. I was wondering what pricing is like and if you’re available for that weekend.. We are inviting around 150 people but that’s not the for sure number of guests. All of our guests are required to travel for this wedding so it’s really up in the air what the total number of guests is right now. Our colors for the wedding are just white flowers and greenery (sage/eucalyptus green). Nothing too crazy or fancy. Let me know! Thanks for your time
    Jamie Scott

    • Hi Jamie,
      Thank you for your inquiry, and congratulations! I am currently available on that date. My pricing ranges based on size, date, and location of wedding, number of attendants, ceremony elements, and the like – typically for a wedding larger than 100 during peak season it is $900-$1200. This is for a fully custom ceremony. If you would like to discuss further let’s arrange a time to talk over the phone? Best way to contact me is at

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